About Us

All Natural . All Handmade . All Good

Preserving beauty the way nature intended.

Created by mama of 3 and licensed Esthetician; Tamecia Sanders, Shea Butter Baby Co. is an all natural skin and hair care company, that specializes in simple products for delicate skin. She created this line based on the genuine need for honest, straightforward solutions to maintaining the soft, beautiful skin that our little ones are born with. Shea Butter Baby products are a safer alternative to topical steroids and oral medications that generally provide temporary relief. We always include naturally derived ingredients and believe that is the most effective way to protect and nourish baby's skin! 
"I experienced terrible cases of eczema with all of my children. One severe, one moderate and one barely even had a breakout! I can honestly say that watching my tiny baby go from perfectly smooth, delicate skin to struggling with being itchy and miserable just broke my heart. You feel like as their mother, it's your job to protect them from any discomfort."  I began researching and engulfing myself in cultural remedies, from back when our ancestors couldn't depend on medical intervention to cure ailments. Shea Butter Baby was designed right in my kitchen and I have been dedicating my life to it ever since!"
We hope you love our products and welcome to the Shea Butter Family! - Tam