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Our Raw African Black Soap is an all-natural, unprocessed, cleanser that is ethically sourced from Ghana. This clarifying soap is made of All Natural Palm, Neem and Coconut Oils, Roasted Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pods, and Organic Shea Butter. Unlike most common soaps, Black Soap does not strip the body’s natural oils and is renowned for its healing and soothing properties. Aiding in brightening and evening skin tone, soothing irritated skin, and reducing the effects of acne and scarring.


  • Recommended for all skin types (dilute when using on children)
  • It provides relief from the effects of common skin irritations, reduces discoloration, and evens skin tone/ texture.
  • Clarifying properties help to reduce breakouts caused by oily skin.
  • Gently cleanses away impurities without the use of harmful additives.

Please Note: Pure African Black Soap has very high natural glycerin content. As a result, it commonly absorbs moisture and must be stored in a dry location or sealed container to preserve. We advise using a small piece at a time as a little goes a long way!

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